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All About LED's

What is LED?

light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other Lighting.

Why LED?

LED's are over 80% energy efficient, thereby making it very attractive for households and businesses to cut over 80% of direct energy costs. In addition, unlike conventional incondescent or Fluroscent bulbs, LED's emit low heat and last for a very long time, thereby making it logical choice of replacement in the long run while saving costs. Besides cost savings, LED's are environment friendly due to it being mercury free and low heat generating devices.

Efficiency of LED's

Most are confused over Watts consumed vs Lumens. LED's light output is measured in Lumens whereas conventional incondescent lamps are measured in Watts. In modern day today, LED chips are very effieient, with Lumens per watt consumed ranging from 60 lumens per watt to all the way to over 140 lumens per watt. Note that higher the lumens, higher the brightness and it requires better heat dissipation that results in larger size. For best results and long lasting experience, we recommend picking LED bulb that has output of about 70 lumens per watt.

How to Select LED Bulbs?

1. Confirm AC or DC system: AC bulbs may function on DC current, however, DC bulbs will not work on AC systems and will flicker or burn out.

2. Confirm your existing voltage: Low Voltage 12V system OR 120V High Voltage Systems.

3. Confirm base of LED bulb being offered vs what its going to replace. i.e. G4 base, T10 base, E27 base, etc.

4. Confirm what power LED you need. i.e. how many watts of existing lamp will be replaced? As a general rule, 1.5W of most LED bulbs are sufficient to replace 10W incondescent bulbs. OR every watt of LED on average would replace  6.7W of conventional incondescent   bulb.

Color of LED Bulbs?

Warm White, Cool White, Daylight White, etc. Confued enough.  Well here are the facts:

1. US Households incondescent lamps are warm white, color temp. is 2700K standard.

2. US Outdoor lighting halogen lamps are warm white, color temp. is 3000K standard. 2700K color actually gives more ambient color.

3. Cool White and Daylight White colors are higher color temps. and light gets whiter as we see the color of tubelight.

4. Then there are spectrum of vibrant colors, that are simply red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, ultra voilet, etc.

What about Existing Low Voltage Transformers / Power Supply?

Most Americans who currently have Low Voltage lighting in their yards have energy guzzling 600W or 900W transformers.  Of Course, prior to LED's invention and use for outdoor lighting, most households were confined over using high energy consuming lamps that required bigger transformers. With LED's, the useage goes down by at least 80% thereby making the existing transformers inefficient. Also note that bigger transformers in the long run may be detremental to performance of LED's due to surge issues, etc.  We strongly recommend that when you swtich over to LED's, you should replace transformer as well, pick the transformer size in a way that its running 80% capacity. i.e., for 80W of total LED consumption, you may want to go with no more than 100W transformer.

Burning out of LED? Heard that a lot. few things to understand:

1. Most burnout in outdoor lighting occurs when the LED bulb being used is not compatible with your system. i.e. AC vs DC, 12V vs 120V or 30W etc.

2. Due to rising competition, more so from Chinese Manufacturers, these days really cheap LED's are abundant. But as the famous saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and that is true. Similar looking LED could vary in cost by as much as 400%. It depends on what chips are being used, what driver is being used, what heat dissipation materials are being used, etc. Cheaper LED's ofcourse has cheaper devices and result in poor performance and short life span.

If you are looking for high quality LED's that you dont have to replace frequently, always look for quality products. We here at Ledcamp are committed to use the best products that are available in the market thereby we dont compete with Chinese sellers. We stand behind our products.